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As an organisation, we are always looking for passionate individuals who are driven, determined and dedicated. We post new opportunities below and welcome expressions of interest at all times for office based roles as well as Trainer and Assessor positions.

At Improve Group, our clients are our most important customers. Our team is specially trained to prioritise our clients and we seek applicants who value and deliver exceptional customer service.

As with many businesses, the history of our early beginnings is evident in our current day to day operations. With a focus on innovation, compliance and culture, we have built an organisation to be proud of.

Our people and our culture are at the root of our success. Valuing our team and fostering our culture is of the utmost importance and we aim to continue this practice with the growth of our business.

Each success – whether at the individual, team or organisational level – is to be recognised and celebrated, encouraging further achievements and fostering our culture. Celebrating is a fantastic way to acknowledge the efforts that have been made, and show genuine appreciation for hard work and dedication.

To be considered as a Trainer and Assessor, it is required that you have the relevant combinations (depending on job applying for) of the following qualifications

  • TAE40110/TAE40116 Certificate IV Training and Assessment (VET Sector requirement for all Trainer and Assessors);

  • MSF30413 Certificate III Glass and Glazing (for Glass and Glazing Trainer and Assessors);

  • MSF40413 Certificate IV Glass and Glazing (for Glass and Glazing Cert IV Trainer and Assessors);

  • BSB51315 Diploma of Work Health and Safety or higher (for Safety courses);

  • MSS50316 Diploma of Competitive Systems and Practices or higher (for Lean courses);

  • MSM50316 Diploma of Production Management (for Lean courses);

  • Extensive industry experience is desirable.

In some occasions, we may be able to recommend a number of Registered Training Organisations that can issue the above qualifications through the Recognition of Prior Learning process, depending on your level of experience and previously obtained qualifications.


“In 2014, I came to Improve Group as a Business Analyst Intern from Griffith University. From my first day, my journey has been a learning curve, which continues to this date. Working at The Improve Group is always fun, the friendly and energetic environment in this workplace helps me achieve more in my day to day tasks. I aim to improve our training technologies and my leadership teams creative problem-solving approach has helped me in achieving this.