70,000 Reasons Why

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Leadership in terms of health and safety. Ask yourself, do my managers and team leaders: Communicate safety standards to their teams? Involve them in hazard spotting in the workplace? Prevent unsafe acts? Motivate staff to be safer? Monitor safety standards on a daily basis? If you answered ‘no’ or ‘I don’t know’ [...]

Take 5 to celebrate National Safe Work Australia Week

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36:That’s how many people in the construction industry have been killed on average each year in the decade to the end of 2013, according to Safe Work Australia. Last year alone, there were 13 fatalities in manufacturing in Australia. Safety at work is all about the actions you take today. Don’t let your mantra [...]

National Safe Work Month – 200 stitches later, one man has something to say about workplace safety

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  Brisbane father Fabrice Jarry had been working with glass for a long time without major incident when he lost control of a sheet in high wind. The consequences of the freak accident were a painful injury and 200 stitches in his arm. “It freaked me out at first, there was so [...]