Welcome to our new website and the unveiling of our updated branding

We started on our rebranding journey last year when we secured a government grant which looked at where we were, where we had been and where we could go. One of the items to come from that was looking at our logo and what it meant to our customers (internal and external). After questioning the outside world on what our running man logo meant to them, we soon came to realise that clients and potential clients often thought of us as maybe – “a fitness company”, or “a personal trainer company”. The beloved running man, that we had run with since we commenced business was confusing people. So, after a lot of brainstorming, we came up with a simple, but we hope, a strong Logo, which will not have people question what we do. We would like to introduce you to the new Logo.
This is us, as it says, working with you, to make SAFER, SMARTER, STRONGER WORKPLACES, through Nationally Accredited training and Consulting programmes. Please wander your way through the new look website and see the excellent courses and consulting services that we can offer you. We hope this will ensure that your journey through your businesses and personal lives will be Safer, Smarter and Stronger.