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Improve Group, one of Australasia’s leading productivity improvement program providers, deliver productivity and efficiency improvement programs that are tailored to YOUR business. Real workplace projects delivered onsite enable you to see quick results. Programs focus on continuous improvement, ensuring any gains are not only sustained, but increased. Improve Group is proud to offer a range of productivity and efficiency improvement services to enable you to improve your performance, linking our programs to your business objectives.

What is Lean?

Lean is a thought process. It is a way of thinking about how a product or service flows through a series of processes in the most efficient manner possible. Each activity or process must create value from the perspective of the customer. It is a simple strategy that creates flow through the elimination of waste, variation and work imbalance.

Lean is a way of thinking in terms of value to the customer, of improving ‘processes’ not managing people, of flow and pull, of the identification and elimination of waste, and of the pursuit of perfection. Those are the things that create the fabric of what we call the Lean enterprise.

Lean Training

Our nationally recognised training programs are linked to your business objectives and deliver genuine business results. These courses are usually delivered in-house and tailored to suit your requirements.

Improve Group has a successful history of working with companies throughout Australasia enabling them to enjoy greater business success.

These courses offered can be implemented into a number of business applications:

Offices, Banks, Government Departments, various Manufacturing businesses -Pharmaceutical, Bus Builders, Poultry Farms, Glass Processing factories, Windows and doors manufacturers

Courses offered

MSS30316 Certificate III in Competitive Systems and Practices


MSS40316 Certificate IV in Competitive Systems and Practices


MSS50316 Diploma of Competitive Systems and Practices


MSS60316 Advanced Diploma in Competitive Systems and Practices


Lean Consulting

The Improve Group is a leading provider of productivity improvement programs in Australia.

Our Productivity and Efficiency coaches are experienced in implementing sustainable continuous improvement programs across a range of industries. We can customise workshops to suit your business needs, which include:

  •  5S, waste elimination, workflow, Just in Time, standardised work practices
  •  Value Stream Mapping, Inventory optimisation and Supply Chain Management
  •  Total Productive Maintenance, Quick Changeovers
  •  Six Sigma, problem solving, mistake proofing
  •  Lean Leaders Program, Leader Standard Work
  •  Team work, supervisory skills
  • Change Management Principles
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