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Our Productivity and Efficiency coaches are experienced implementing sustainable continuous improvement programs across a range of industries. We can customise workshops to suit your business needs, which include:

  • 5S, waste elimination, workflow, Just in Time, standardised work practices

  • Value Stream Mapping, Inventory optimisation and Supply Chain Management

  • Total Productive Maintenance, Quick Changeovers

  • Six Sigma, problem solving, mistake proofing

  • Lean Leaders Program, Leader Standard Work

  • Team work, supervisory skills

  • Change Management Principles

These encompass a range of industries. Our continuous improvement programs can be implemented across a wide range of departments including services in:

  • Office – training, implementation and support

  • Manufacturing and Supply chain – training, implementation and support

  • Best Practice Networking

  • Coaching and mentoring

Services offered

The Improve Group provides a range of Lean programs to meet your needs.

Following an initial diagnostic assessment we provide an appropriate mix of staff awareness and action oriented workshops to deliver the improvement over a 4-12 month period.

We will coach your staff in all the key tools of Lean and how to implement a successful change program. From Value Stream Mapping, 5S, error proofing, workflow and many more, we have proven experience across a range of industries with successful lean implementations.

The Lean Journey begins with management understanding the methodology and then committing to its implementation throughout the organisation.

Our team of experienced Lean Strategists partner with your management team to define a 2-3yr Lean Roadmap based on your organisations needs, culture and implementation capabilities. This is then supported by regular bi-monthly planning and review sessions to ensure that your organisation achieves the results planned.

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Any Lean Journey needs to be carefully facilitated – new tools and techniques are introduced, cultural barriers are removed and new practices implemented. The journey is as much cultural as it is practical.

From as little as $3,200 per month this service is more cost effective than employing an in-house ‘Lean” resource and allows you to tap into our team of experienced Lean Practitioners.

Tapping into this collective resource enables us to provide you with accelerated outcomes and the opportunity to leverage many years of experience of applying lean concepts into different types of operations, including offices, administration, manufacturing and assembly processes, warehousing and distribution.

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Kaizen Events are a focused, short-term project to improve a process. They can vary from 4 hours to 5 days depending on the complexity of the process and commitment of the management team. The results are significant, clear and quick. This generates enthusiasm and satisfaction. The Blitz is a great introductory tool for Lean and its components of workflow and productivity improvement.

When used strategically with Value Stream Mapping and business planning, kaizen events make a significant difference. The Improve Group specialises in planning, coordinating and facilitating Kaizen Events to accelerate our clients Lean program and results.

Well-designed workplaces are safe and productive – information, material, product and people all flow, optimising the overall business results, reducing risk and increasing the productivity of an organisation.

From insurance companies and banks, manufacturers, warehousing and distribution centres, and large government departments, Improve Group’s team of process experts understand that not all businesses are the same. Our workplace layout and process design specialists can help you optimise the layout of your new or existing processes.

Process flows are optimised using process simulation software to provide proven results, prior to developing the actual layout in 3D CAD drawings or simply providing concept drawings to your builder / management team. We take material storage, ergonomics, lead times, workplace and storage layouts, support spaces, amenities, and delivery access into consideration at all times.

Using proven concepts such as lean workplace (line balancing, pull systems, pulse lines, flow analysis, takt time, Just in Time) and group technology for multitasking environments, our team can help you improve your existing layout, or design a brand new facility for optimal space utilisation, future growth and productivity.

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