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Free Downloads

The templates below are free and may be used in your lean implementation. Click on the images to download the full .pdf file.

Action Plan

30/30 Kaizen Sheet

Workplace 5S Rating Sheets

5-Why Analysis

Motion Map Factory Warehouse

Improvement Opportunity Template

5S Score Chart

Fishbone Diagram

Gemba Walk Observation Sheet

Motion Map Office

TPM & 5S Tags

The 5S Red Tags and TPM Tags seen below can be purchased for $33.00(include GST) per bundle plus p&h*. For orders of more than 5 bundles, please contact us here or call us on 1800 886 269.

Please follow the links below. All Prices include postage & handling

5S Red Tags
(bundle of 100)

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TPM Tags – Operational Improvement
(bundle of 50)

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TPM Tags – Environmental Improvement
(bundle of 50)

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TPM Tags – Equipment Opportunity
(bundle of 50)

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5S Poster
(59.3cm x 39.1cm)

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Here is a list of recommended videos on each lean discipline. Click the related tab and videos should appear in an internal popup frame.

Links can also be viewed externally through YouTube.